July 13, 2019

WordPress Plug-Ins

Plug-ins are packages of code that extend the core functionality of WordPress. By making a plug-in that is extending existing WordPress site, it is building additional functionality on top of what WordPress already offers.

Plug-ins enhance the features of WordPress website, or add entirely new features to the site. Plug-ins also allow your website to greatly extend the functionality by building additional functionality.

Create Plugins for WordPress Website

Each WordPress plug-in is an additional piece of software that can be easily installed to extend the functionality of WordPress core.

This allows us to customize your WordPress site with your desired functionality.

If you have a great idea for your WordPress website, we will create a plug-in for the idea you suggest and install that plug-in into your WordPress website.

Find Existing Plug-ins and Install Those Plug-ins

Many plug-ins can be found in the WordPress Plug-in Directory, and each plug-in listed in this directory is available for download as a ZIP file and can be uploaded to your WordPress website.