January 30, 2019

Web Design

Web Integrate provides web design services. If your store or business needs a website, please contact us. We will consult and provide an estimate based upon the things received from your request. To generate an accurate estimate, you should tell us what kind of website you want. If you are not sure what kind of website you really want, you can just visit any website(s) and choose website(s) you like and tell us which website(s).

The things that are needed for creating a website are the contents, design theme, and other miscellaneous sources needed for the design (i.e., photos, images, favorite colors, and so on). The more clear things and sources you provide, the more professional website will be.

If your company is a startup without a website, we will build your corporate website from the scratch. We have a bunch of experience for the startups and are able to provide web-based IT solutions for your company.

Responsive Web Design (RWD)

On a variety of recent devices and window or screen sizes, web pages should be rendered properly. RWD is an approach to website design that makes web pages render well on those devices. Due to an high volume of usage of those devices, responsive website design must be considered. The website pages designed with RWD approach can provide a user experience that is better optimized for mobile devices. read more…

Custom Web Design

We have been providing the service of website customization for a long time. We know how to create a website with the newest design trends. By applying newest technologies and trends on the web design, your business will have the benefit of the brand effect. read more…

E-Commerce Development

The transactions on online have been increased steadily and now it is reached to the highest peak. Selling the products or services on online is now essential. However, building web store is not easy and simple because it requires complex coding and design phases. read more…

The web designing process

The web design process diagram