February 17, 2020

E-Commerce Development

Why you need E-Commerce website

The transactions on online have increased steadily and now it reaches to the highest peak. More people are now using online to buy products or services. Therefore, selling the products or services on online is now essential. Through the online store, you can collect the data about your customers’ buying behavior that can be an important source for marketing strategies. In addition, you can not only promote the new products effectively to your customers, but you also can attract new customers through the e-commerce website.

Why you need to hire expert

But, building web store is not an easy and simple task because it requires complex coding and design phases. Furthermore, building online store requires more user experience UI (UX) design. We have had the abundant experience on building online stores with effective user experience UI (UX) design. Using the knowledge and technology, which we have accumulated as we have been building online stores, we will be able to build your online store. Call us at 832-276-2817 if you need to get an e-commerce website, and we will consult you about what you have to do and how you prepare to build an e-commerce website. 

Shopping Cart Software

Shopping cart software that will be used for e-commerce solution

  1. OpenCart – Free open software. We will install to your web server and customize to fit your business needs.
  2. Shopify – Cloud shopping cart software. You have to register online and pay for the dollar amount monthly basis.
  3. WooCommerce – WordPress shopping cart. This software can be used with WordPress CMS. We will install and customize to fit your business needs. To use this shopping cart, you have to use WordPress CMS.

Other than the software specified above, if you want to use other shopping cart software, let us know. We will review the software and let you know whether or not we will be able to support the shopping cart software you prefer.

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