February 17, 2020

Android App

A website is an application that executes something on a web browser. Some website including complex functionality is also called as web app. Mobile devices use web browsers to view content on a website. A website displayed through a web browser on a mobile device looks like an app installed on the device if the website is designed well with responsive manner.

Other than the web app displayed through web browser on a mobile device, a bunch of apps are installed as icon types on the screen of a device. We can call those apps as hybrid or native apps. What are the differences between web app (website) and hybrid or native apps?

  1. Web app can ONLY be executed on web browsers. Web app always should be executed on online while a hybrid or native app can be executed on offline.
  2. A URL should be entered into the address bar in a browser when you open a website if you don’t save the URL in the favorite section of the browser.
  3. You can just click an icon on the screen when you open a hybrid or native app.
  4. Hybrid or native apps are downloaded from the app stores (i.e., Apple Store or Google Play) and executed on their own frames that are developed using SDK platforms.
  5. You can expand the brand effect for your business as you upload an app to an app store.

We can create native apps using Android SDK. If you need an app, we will make your app and upload to Google Play store. Your business brand will be expanded once your app is uploaded because many people visit Google Play store.

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